A fee-free & blockchain enabled international money transfer platform where immigrants can send money home without hassle.

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Reinventing cross-board money transfer and creating a new financial economy for stakeholders globally...

We are helping immigrants to continue to support and stay connected with their families across borders. Our next gen platform is powered by blockchain technology which makes money transfers affordable, instant, and safe.


Money Transfer

Send money to anyone instantly

Business Payments

Pay merchants abroad fast and conveniently. Merchants receive payments directly from your customers abroad.

How it Works

Creat an Account

Enter your user ID details. Confirm your identity through KYC verification. Link your bank accounts.


Create a Recipient

Add your recipient’s bank and details.


Complete Your Transfer

Enter your transaction amount in your local currency. Confirm your payment details and submit. Funds arrive within minutes with a status update for total peace of mind.

  • Affordability

    $0 in transfer fees and higher FX rates - putting more money into the hands of families, friends, and businesses.

  • Convenience

    Money delivered into recipient accounts within minutes not days.

  • Secured & Reliable

    Our innovative technology - powered through blockchain infrastructure - protects your money and guarantees its delivery into recipient accounts.

Our Partners
CrossKudi expresses sincere gratitude for our partnerships with our local partners to help achieve our mission.